Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An application *is* born!

"The menus don't look right"
--Tim Kelsey, R.I.P(soon)

After half a day of hacking together examples and throwing in random bits of logic I've produced a little skelleton of a text editor. It compiles against the current e17 SVN and seems to work well enough. Granted thats because it doesn't really do anything magic like open or save text yet... I'm working on that!

There are some details on the project page: http://code.google.com/p/eedit

Including a future features list. (which I'm about to modify!).
If you would like to add something to the features list, the prefered way would be to create an "issue" on the code.google.com link above. If you that doesn't suit you then just leave a comment on the blog :-)

At least its moving somewhere, at the moment of course it has far less functionality than the text editor test in ewl_test.

There is also an issue with newlines at the end of a block not working correctly, I'm going to look into trying to track down this bug. Its a known issue but its not been found yet.



Rob said...

The issues section is being used for feature requests and other issues. As such it works as a basic FAQ, as each issue will is met with an explination of whats going on.

Rob said...

Lots of updates made, its far prettier now, still does bugger all though.